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Read about ash scattering considerations and where you can scatter ashes.
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The top is also unique because it can be closed, locked and resealed if the family wants to scatter some of the ashes at more than one location, or keep some of the ashes. Families can use the Eco Scattering Urn right away or they can store the ashes in the urn for many years before scattering, if preferred. The Eco Scattering Urn is biodegradable but will not breakdown until it is exposed to soil, water, etc.

This unique scattering urn has quickly become the favorite among U. The large Eco Scattering Urn is designed to hold all of one set of ashes of most people cubic inches , the medium cubic inches is of a size large enough to hold about half and the small 50 cubic inches is for families splitting up ashes among more than two people or for families that want to use it as a keepsake to keep some of the remains or scatter just a small portion.

Another scattering urn option is one made from cardboard. This is also a cylinder-shaped scattering urn and commonly has graphics printed with ink on the side of the cardboard. While these urns are similarly priced to the Eco Scattering Urn, there are a number of important differences. First, they need to be assembled as they are comprised of two cardboard tubes, with one fitting inside the other. They also need to be glued during assembly and require that the family punch out, with their thumb, a perforated circle on the top made of paper or cardboard.

This release hole is centrally located on the top which can make it more difficult to release all of the cremated ashes when scattering. Also, being made from cardboard, rain or snow could cause the cardboard urn to turn soggy. Lastly, these processed cardboard tubes with images printed on them are less eco friendly than bamboo or wood scattering urns, as the manufacturing process requires a significant amount of energy. A third scattering urn option is a tall wood box where you can remove the top and scatter. Another challenge is the weight — these can be heavy especially when they include cremated ashes and difficult to transport.

How to Scatter Ashes

Another scattering urn option are metal tubes. These tubes can be easily resealed and are strong, durable and easy to transport. However, they are generally smaller and usually only hold a small portion of the remains. Also, metal tubes are not biodegradable and also not TSA compliant so they cannot be transported on a plane. There are endless places to scatter ashes of a loved one and below are examples of a few of the more popular ones.

Why Someone Might Want Their Ashes Scattered

Scattering ashes of a loved one brings many emotions and meaning to families and the loved one who passed. Here are some examples of a few of the more common ones.

A Few Things You Should Know About Scattering Ashes

Close menu. Order Today! How It Works. Key Advantages. Customer Testimonials. This is a patent pending urn that is made of recycled plant materials. It floats like a buoy for a short time before breaking apart and completely freeing and dispersing the ashes in water. If you want to rent a boat service to do the scattering at sea, there are many options available.

Most harbors throughout the country will offer a few options for families interested in a water burial. There are many other hike-in ash scattering services available throughout the U. Scattering Gardens : Many cemeteries and memorial parks are starting to set aside a portion of their property to be a dedicated area for scattering, often referred to as a scattering garden.

How To Scatter Ashes | Everplans

Cremated ashes are either buried there, or simply scattered. Church Gardens : More and more churches are starting to have areas of their property that are set aside for people who prefer to have their ashes scattered on church grounds. This is typically a much more affordable option that being scattered in a garden at a cemetery or memorial park. They place the cremated ashes in a firework and has a show including music and watch celebrations.

If you decide to go through a local funeral home, or add services such as renting a casket, having a viewing, embalming, or other services, this will add a few hundred to a few thousand dollars in cost. Memorial Service or Celebration of Life : Many families choose to hold a service for their loved one who passed. This can be at a church, home, community center, or a special place.

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Typically, family and friends will share stories of the one who passed and speak about the person he or she was. If the person is going to be scattered, many families include this with the service and give family and friends the option to each scatter a portion of the ashes. The costs involved can include renting out a space, food, drinks, music, among other cost associated with a service. Contact Us. Cremation FAQ. Will Your Wishes Be Honored?

Pre-Arrangement A gift to your family, sparing them hard decisions at an emotional time. Order Flowers Offer a gift of comfort and beauty to a family suffering from loss. No Hidden Fee Guarantee We guarantee that the price we give you over the phone or you see on this site, will be the price that you will pay. The First Steps In order to plan a ceremony for scattering ashes, it is important to understand what is involved. When it comes time to sit down and plan, think first about your deceased loved one and the life that they lived.

Then, consider the options for their memorial. It is important to find the right location and add all necessary personal touches. Every person is different, so plan for an ashes spreading ceremony that is unique, personalized and thoughtful.

When and where should the event be held? What activities would you like to include in the ceremony? Types of Ash Scattering Ceremonies A casting ceremony, where the ashes are tossed into the wind, or sprinkled on the surface of a lake, river, or into the sea either from the shore, or while on the deck of a boat , is perhaps the most common image we have when thinking about ash scattering events.

A trench can be cut into the soil or the ashes can be sprinkled directly on the ground around the tree or shrub.

This can be a very effortless way to scatter the ashes and is appropriate for scattering ceremonies held on privately-owned land. Considerations for Scattering Ashes Cremation provides families with more time to arrange where and how to scatter the ashes.

Catholics & Scattering Ashes

While there is no policing agency overseeing scattering, there are some basics you should know: If you plan on scattering ashes on private property, it's smart to receive written permission from the owner. Public parks require that you obtain a scattering permit. There are no regulations regarding ash scattering on uncontrolled public lands; you need to use your own judgment.