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1. Okt. Klimawandel in Deutschland pp | Cite as mit deren Hilfe sich die Folgen des Klimawandels nutzen, vermeiden oder mildern lassen.
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Anthony Watts David Deming en Historic parallels in our time: the killing of cattle -vs- carbon. In April of , a fifteen-year-old girl named Nongqawuse heard a voice telling her that the Xhosa must kill all their cattle, stop cultivating their fields, and destroy their stores of grain and food. The voice insisted that the Xhosa must also get rid of their hoes, cooking pots, and every utensil necessary for the maintenance of life. Everything necessary for life would spring spontaneously from the earth.

New food and livestock would appear in abundance, spontaneously sprouting from the earth.


The British would be swept into the sea, and the Xhosa would be restored to their former glory. What was promised was nothing less than the establishment of paradise on earth. Vast amounts of grain were taken out of storage and scattered on the ground to rot. Cattle were killed so quickly and on such an immense scale that vultures could not entirely devour the rotting flesh.

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The ultimate number of cattle that the Xhosa slaughtered was , After killing their livestock, the Xhosa built new, larger kraals to hold the marvelous new beasts that they anticipated would rise out of the earth. By the end of , the Xhosa population had dropped from , to 26, Forty to fifty-thousand people starved to death, and the rest migrated. With Xhosa civilization destroyed, the land was cleared for white settlement. The British found that those Xhosa who survived proved to be docile and useful servants. What the British Empire had been unable to accomplish in more than fifty years of aggressive colonialism, the Xhosa did to themselves in less than two years.

Western civilization now stands on the brink of repeating the experience of the Xhosa. Since the advent of the Industrial Revolution in the late eighteenth century, Europe and North America have enjoyed the greatest prosperity ever known on earth. In a little more than two hundred years, every objective measure of human welfare has increased more than in all of previous human history.

But Western Civilization is coasting on an impetus provided by our ancestors. There is scarcely anyone alive in Europe or America today who believes in the superiority of Western society. Guilt and shame hang around our necks like millstones, dragging our emasculated culture to the verge of self-immolation.

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Whatever faults the British Empire-builders may have had, they were certain of themselves. Our forefathers built a technological civilization based on energy provided by carbon-based fossil fuels. Without the inexpensive and reliable energy provided by coal, oil, and gas, our civilization would quickly collapse. Like the prophet Mhlakaza, Al Gore promises that if we stop using carbon-based energy, new energy technologies will magically appear. The laws of physics and chemistry will be repealed by political will power.

We will achieve prosperity by destroying the very means by which prosperity is created. While Western Civilization sits confused, crippled with self-doubt and guilt, the Chinese are rapidly building an energy-intensive technological civilization. They have 2, coal-fired power plants, and are currently constructing new ones at the rate of one a week. In China, more people believe in free-market economics than in the US. Our Asian friends are about to be nominated by history as the new torchbearers of human progress.

Insbesondere Landwirtschaft, Trinkwasserversorgung und Binnenschifffahrt sind hiervon direkt betroffen. The "Hockey stick" curve. Jahrhunderts sei beispiellos gewesen. IPCC oder ihm nahestehende Personen haben also die wissenschaftliche Arbeit kontrolliert oder manipuliert. Video of Dr David Deming's statement to the U.

Klimaanpassung und Gesundheit: Es ist Zeit zu handeln

Dr Deming reveals that in a leading scientist emailed him saying "We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period". A few years later, Michael Mann and the IPCC did just that by publishing the now throughly discredited hockey stick graph. Waren es noch 8,5 Milliarden Tonnen sind es heute schon etwa 37 Milliarden Tonnen. Jahrhundert positiv ist. A majority of models projects a continued land carbon uptake under all RCPs, but some models simulate a land carbon loss due to the combined effect of climate change and land use change.

A positive feedback between climate and the carbon cycle on century to millennial time scales is supported by paleoclimate observations and modelling. Northern Hemisphere vegetation has kept pace in absorbing increasing amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due to human activities over the last 60 years, partially offsetting the effects of global warming.

The portion left over in the atmosphere is known as the airborne fraction. This intensification of absorption can be traced to the Northern Hemisphere land sink responding to continued emissions growth, mainly through forests. Abbildung 4. Abbildung 5a. Das zeigen Satellitenbilder eindeutig.

Abbildung 5b.

These models, which serve as the scientific basis for the IPCC Assessment Reports, likely also underestimate future carbon uptake by photosynthesis - a key aspect for climate projections. Nature Communication en Earth system models underestimate carbon fixation by plants in the high latitudes. Von mehreren hundert Jahren Verweildauer war noch in den ersten Weltklimaberichten zu lesen. The residual effects of major volcanic eruptions not included in the model are clearly seen. Rainer Link nachzulesen. Danach bleiben sie konstant.

Abbildung 6. Nicholas Lewis, Judith Curry en The impact of recent forcing and ocean heat uptake data on estimates of climate sensitivity. Recent revisions to greenhouse gas forcing and post ozone and aerosol forcing estimates are incorporated and the forcing data extended from to Who is who?

Der Begriff der Nachhaltigkeit ist in aller Munde und hat sich, wenn man auf die verschiedenen gesellschaftlichen und politischen Akteure schaut, die ihn verwenden, mittlerweile zu einem Heilsbegriff entwickelt. Das Wort wurde Anfang des Jahrhundert ist dieses Wirtschaften aus dem Blick geraten.

Die heutige Verteilung des Kohlenstoffs. In Gesteinen stammen Political correctness is a liberal mind control strategy intended to stifle any thoughts or actions inconsistent with radical liberalism. It is the abrogation of free speech and the right to hold an opinion contrary to established liberal-socialist doctrine. Political correctness didn't just happen; it has been carefully crafted over time.

Matias Acosta, Technische Universität Darmstadt:

Radical liberals long ago realized that their emotion-based dogma could not withstand logical examination. The only solution for protecting radical liberalism until it undergoes its full evolution to totalitarianism was to snuff any contrary thought and speech. This being the case, the liberal cabal of coastal elites, academia, and victimhood profit centers, supported by the always faithful mainstream media, employed well honed weapons such as indoctrination of children, mass shaming, and shouting down dissent while playing on conservative apathy to firmly root political correctness in the mass psyche.

It is not just the stifling of contrary speech that is so troubling about political correctness and its radical practitioners. Also, it seeks to eliminate the very ability to think contrary thoughts. Die Apostel des Sie tragen keine Waffen mit sich, sondern Heilsbotschaften, und fallen durch ihre erhobenen Zeigefinger auf. NASA research shows that Jakobshavn Glacier, which has been Greenland's fastest-flowing and fastest-thinning glacier for the last 20 years, has made an unexpected about-face.